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What are Jomo conditions?

What are "Conditions"?

With conditions, you can easily manage access to apps or websites, no scheduling needed. The idea is simple: IF something happens THEN apps are blocked or unblocked. For example, IF you are on an app for x minutes THEN it is blocked. Your creativity sets the limits.

The free version of Jomo only allows you to add one condition. Upgrade to Jomo Plus to add an unlimited number of conditions!

How to add a condition?

Go to "Rules > Conditions". Press the "+" black button OR start from a Jomo Template.
Browse through the different methods and pick the one you like by pressing the corresponding button.

Setting a condition

App limits

Budget: Choose the maximum time you want to spend on certain apps.
Block > Apps : Pick apps on which you want to apply the app limit.
Active days: Set the recurrence of the condition.


Habits: Choose an existing habit from the list or create your own!
Block > Apps: Pick apps on which you want to apply the app limit.
Active days: Set the recurrence of the condition.
All Day: If you toggle the switch off, you will be able to personalize the time slot during which you want this restriction to be applied.

How to check a condition's status?

If one of the restriction is live, a badge with "Active" will appear on the top right corner of your condition's card.

App Limits: To see how much time you have left, look at the card in "Rules > Conditions". Check the progress bar and time left. When your limit is reached, apps will be blocked and a message will tell you that you've used up your daily amount.
Habits: To see the status of your habit, check the card in "Rules > Conditions". If the habit is unfinished, it will have a checkbox. Once the habit is done, the message changes, and the related apps become available.

How to delete a condition?

Go to the "Rules" section of Jomo, then "Conditions".
Tap on the condition you wish to delete.
At the bottom, tap "Delete condition".

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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