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How to block websites on your iPhone/iPad using Jomo?

A popular feature of Jomo is the ability to block distracting websites. In this article, we will guide you through the two methods you can use to block websites on Jomo.

Jomo can block up to a maximum of 50 web domains simultaneously. If you find yourself reaching this limit and need to block additional sites, you will have to unblock some of the previously blocked ones.

1. Block websites on all browsers (RECOMMENDED)

Jomo allows you to block websites by selecting them from a custom list. These websites will be blocked on all browsers.

Private Browsing on Safari will be disabled until all websites are unblocked.

Open the "Rules" tab.
Locate the rule (session or condition ﹣ excluding app limit) you are interested in.
Open it and tap "Apps & Websites".
Tap on "Additional options & websites" at the bottom and scroll to the "Websites section".
Here, you can manually enter the domains you wish to block (see screenshot).

Add and select custom websites

Please note:

You can specify ANY web domain you want in this list. You are not limited to the recently used websites.

You can't use custom websites with app limits because Jomo won't be able to track the time you spent on them. For app limits, you will need to rely on method 2.

2. Block websites on Safari only

If you wish, you can select websites from Apple's native list. These websites will only be blocked on Safari; however, Private Browsing will remain available in Safari.

Open the "Rules" tab.
Locate the rule (session or condition) you are interested in.
Open it and tap "Apps & Websites".
Select websites from the native list (see screenshot below).

Select websites from Apple's native list

Please note:

If you choose to block well-known domains like or using Apple's native list, it might result in Apple blocking the related apps (e.g., Facebook, Amazon, Messenger) too. This behaviour is enforced by Apple. We don't understand it either but there is nothing we can do about it. That's why we recommend you to block websites using the first method.

Apple's native list will show recently used websites. If the website you are looking for is not in the list, there is nothing Jomo can do about it. See method 1. to input your website manually.

Updated on: 23/03/2024

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