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How to set a daily screen time budget?

One of the main features of Jomo is the daily screen time budget. The concept is simple: set a maximum time that you want to spend on your phone each day.

This limit is not meant to be oppressive. Still, it allows everyone to take a step back and consciously choose to allocate a certain number of hours to their smartphone. Any time you decide to spend is never wasted.

We advise you to choose an achievable limit to begin with. If you're unsure what budget to choose, we suggest you follow Jomo's recommendation, adapted to your geographic area. You can always adjust your budget later (see "How to change my budget?" below).

How does the budget work?

Each day, you will be challenged to stick to your screen time budget. You can find your remaining screen time on the application's home screen (our mascot, the "Jomo Phone" acts as a gauge - see screenshot below). Screen time is updated in real-time, so you can check it anytime. We invite you to install our dedicated widget to follow your budget from your phone's home screen!

How to change my budget?

Tap the ✨ icon on the home screen.

Tap "Screen time budget".

Choose your budget duration then tap "Confirm".

For Jomo Plus members, add several budgets depending on the day of the week! Give yourself more free time on weekends, for example.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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