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My widget does not display the correct screen time

My widget does not display the correct screen time

You may notice a difference between the screen time displayed in the Jomo widget and the application. There can be several explanations:

The widget also synchronizes data from other devices

If the "Share between devices" option is enabled in your phone's screen time settings, the widget can count the screen time of other devices (iPad, Mac, etc.) you own. If you want the screen time in the widget to correspond to the screen time of your iPhone only, do the following: Settings > Screen Time > Disable "Share between devices".

The widget/app needs to be refreshed

The widget refreshes every 5 minutes (at best), this is an iOS limitation. Therefore, observing slight differences between the widget and the app is expected. If you open the Jomo application, the widget will refresh instant

Updated on: 18/01/2023

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