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Blocking doesn't seem to be working

Having issues with blocking? We got you covered!

Please read carefully and test all the steps in the article, 99% of problems encountered can be solved simply. If you can't find your answer, you can contact us via support chat by going to the Jomo application > Profile > πŸ’¬ > Chat with us or by email to

In this case, please maintain politeness and courtesy with the support team and be as precise as possible in explaining your problem. Please note that our team is based in France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·, and there may be a time difference depending on your location. Thank you for your understanding.

Step 1: Restart app blocking πŸ”„

The connection between Jomo and Apple’s Screen Time can sometimes run into problems. That's why we've added a button to quickly restart app blocking. This should fix most blocking issues.

Go to the "Rules"/"Focus" tab, tap the reload icon on the top-right corner then tap "Reset blocking".
Wait a few seconds, then check if Jomo has correctly blocked or unblocked your apps.

Step 2: Check your sessions and conditions as well as selected apps πŸ”Ž

If restarting app blocking hasn't worked, it's time to take a look at your configuration - you might discover that Jomo is behaving the way it should! Quickly check the state (active or inactive) as well as selected apps for each of your session and condition.

Step 3: Force restart your phone πŸ“±

If all else fails, force restarting your phone will reset the screen time connection and might solve your blocking issue. Use this Apple guide to learn how to force restart your phone.

Step 4: Contact us and review additional steps below πŸ’¬

Are you still having trouble? Please reach out to us in the Jomo app (Profile > Chat with us), we'll be happy to investigate your issue further.


Additional steps

Apps are still blocked after I uninstalled Jomo or removed screen time permissions

You might need to hard reset your screen time. Check the following article.

Review your "Always Allowed" apps

"Always Allowed" apps are never blocked by third-party apps or iPhone restrictions. Some apps are added in this list by default. To edit this list, follow these steps.

Go to your iPhone's "Settings," then "Screen Time."

In "Screen Time," tap "Always Allowed."

Review the top list, which shows always allowed apps. If an app you wish to block is listed, tap the "-" next to it. Keep essential apps like Messages, Phone, Camera, Maps, etc.

Make sure you are not blocking any of the following domains using Apple's native list (it might impact apps like Messenger, WhatsApp or Facebook Login when used in the browser) (it might impact services like Alexa, Kindle, or Prime when used in the browser) (it might impact apps associated with Google like YouTube when used in the browser)

If you want to block these websites, we advise you to add them to a custom list of websites to block instead. Check this article to learn more..

Check for conflicts with other apps or existing iOS screen time settings

You may use multiple screen time management apps simultaneously, leading to one of them unintentionally blocking apps. To confirm whether Jomo is responsible, examine the shield displayed when you open the blocked app. Look for a shield like this.

This mention indicates which restriction is actually blocking this app:

If none of these shields appear, Jomo might not be the cause. In this case, you can:

See if you have any App Limits or Downtime set up with Screen Time (Settings > Screen Time > App Limits or Downtime).

Check other apps that you have granted with Screen Time access.

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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