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App picker is not working properly

If the app picker crashes when you open a category or search, follow these steps.

This rare issue affects some devices more than others. We apologize for the bad experience. We need to wait for Apple to fix this bug. Here are three workarounds to help you select apps and websites even if the picker is glitchy on your iPhone/iPad.

1. Reconnect Jomo to Apple's Screen Time

Open this link from your phone.
Jomo will ask for authorization to access screen time. Press "Continue," then "Authorize."
Check if the app picker works correctly.

2. Use voice dictation

If you search for the app or website using voice dictation, the picker likely won't crash.

Tap the mic icon on the search bar.
Say the name of the app or website.
You should see the app or website in the results.

Tap the mic icon to turn on voice dictation

If you don't see the search bar, update your iOS to at least version 16.4.

If you don't see the mic icon, open Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Dictation. Toggle it off and on, then try again in Jomo.

3. Type any letter in the app or category name

When you enter a letter in the picker's search bar, all apps and websites containing that letter (not just those starting with it) will be listed by Apple.

Here's what to try if you want to select "Reddit" in the "Information & Reading" category (adapt as needed):

Find a letter in the app name that won't cause a crash (for "Reddit," try "d" or "t"). Try typing each letter in "Reddit" or in "Information & Reading" since Reddit is in this category.
If the letter works, scroll and find your app in the results. You can also try retyping the full app name (e.g., "Reddit") and it likely won't crash now. If it still crashes, repeat the process by trying with another letter.

Updated on: 09/06/2024

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