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[Mac App] Blocking apps and sites doesn't seem to work

This article is for Mac users only. For iPhone users, please refer to this article.

Having trouble blocking sites or apps? We're here to help.

Before contacting support, please read and test all the solutions presented in this guide. 99% of errors / cases can be solved by following the tutorials. If you can't find your answer, you can contact us via support chat by going to and click on the Black Message bubble or by email at

In this case, please remain polite and courteous with the support team and be as precise as possible in explaining your problem. Please note that our team is based in France 🇫🇷 and that a time difference may apply depending on your location. Thank you for your understanding.

1. Restart blocking

To restart blocking, go to "Rules" then press the small "?" in the top right-hand corner.
Press "Reset blocking".
Check if blocking is working again.

2. Check permissions for website blocking

If you're having trouble blocking websites with Jomo, it might be a permission issue. Read the following article to check if permissions are correctly granted for Jomo to function properly.

3. Check that no session is running

To ensure that Jomo isn't blocking sites & apps when it shouldn't, first please check that you have no active sessions.
When a session is active, a purple badge "Active" appears in the top right-hand corner of the map. If it is not present, this means that it is not actively blocking content.

4. Existing conflicts

If you block specific domains, this may have an impact on related services such as authentication with...

For example, if you block but wish to access another site using the Facebook connection, you will be blocked. In this case, plan a very short break in your session to temporarily access authentication.

Here are the sites that can cause conflicts:

- (this may impact applications such as Messenger or WhatsApp)
- (this may affect applications such as Alexa, Kindle or Prime)
- (this may impact applications such as YouTube)
- (this may block 2FA verification on some Google services)
- (this may block some services that use Instagram as a connection method)
- (this may block some services that use TikTok as a connection method)

If you use content scheduling tools, this may also block certain accesses.

Please note that blocking sites and apps is your own responsibility.

5. Check for conflicts with other applications/extensions

Before pointing the finger at Jomo, please ensure that you don't have any other application restrictions or browser extensions active
To recognize a Jomo block, the screens look like this:

Example of a Jomo Mac blocking screen

Also, the URL to which you are automatically redirected is as follows:

6. Check that you have no Screen Time limits

As on the iPhone, it's possible to apply restrictions via Screen Time.
To check that no restrictions are active, please follow the steps below:

"System Settings" > "Screen Time".

Check that "Stop Time " is not active and that no "App Limit " is applied.

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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