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[Mac App] How to grant permission to block websites on Jomo Mac?

Did you decline permission to block sites from Jomo when you first opened the browser, even though this was not your intention? No problem! We'll show you how to resolve this quickly.

For Jomo to block sites, you have to give it permission. Normally, this is automatically requested when you first open your browser, once Jomo has been installed on your Mac. If you missed it or refused it, but have now changed your mind, here's how to do it:

Open "System Settings ".
Go to "Privacy & Security" > "Automation ".
Press the small chevron next to the Jomo Mac icon, then activate the switch in front of the relevant browser.

The Mac will ask you for your password to validate the operation. And that's it, everything should work normally!

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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