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My app limit is not displaying the correct usage time

If your app limit is not displaying the correct usage time, here's how to fix it.

Open Jomo and navigate to Rules > Conditions. Tap on your app limit, scroll down, and press “Refresh condition”. You may try this multiple times.
Make sure that the "Share Across Devices" option is disabled in your Screen Time settings; otherwise, your estimate may include data from your other devices.
If nothing else is not working, reconnect Jomo to Apple's Screen Time by opening this link on your iPhone/iPad. Jomo will ask you again for authorization to access screen time. Press "Continue", then "Authorize". Next, check whether app usage is tracked properly.

A few notes on why app limits, in their current state, can be a bit capricious on some devices.

The way time spent on an app is displayed differs between the "Home" tab and the "Rules" tab.

On the "Home" tab, the data is reliable as it's extracted directly from Apple's Screen Time. However, we can only use this data in the context of a screen time report. It cannot be used for app limits, widgets, etc., due to privacy reasons.

On the "Rules" tab, we rely on Apple to notify Jomo when a certain threshold is reached (1min, 2min, 3min, etc.). Most of the time they do, but sometimes they don't or they do it incorrectly... A fraction of devices are much more impacted by this bug. We've reported this issue to Apple a while ago and are still awaiting a definitive fix from their end. In the meantime, we've labeled the app limit feature as "BETA" in Jomo.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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