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My Jomo screen time does not appear

If you've just arrived on the app, it's normal that Jomo doesn't show you any data yet. Don't panic, this is normal! Give it an hour or so to display the first data. For security reasons, Jomo does not have access to data prior to its installation (Jomo is only able to access the registered data since you gave it access to "Screen Time").

You are already on the app for a while and your data doesn't come up ?

It can happen (very rarely, but still) that the screen time is not displayed on Jomo. Several solutions exist in this case.

Jomo has trouble updating the data

If you haven't already done so, you can press the little icon "🔄" on the tab "Today ". It will refresh the data.

The bug persists, the problem is probably due to Screen Time:

You have done the above technique, but it still doesn't work ? Go to the "Settings".

In the Settings, press "Screen Time ".

The data is no longer displayed, the last time it was brought up is now and finally the loader does not stop running.

Scroll to "Disable Screen Time ", then press.

Confirm the deactivation

Press "Enable Screen Time " to turn it back on

Confirm the steps

Screen time is now operational again

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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