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Estimated screen time is not being recorded correctly

Estimated screen time is used in Jomo for features where data imported Apple's Screen Time can't be directly used, such as widgets, squads, or conditions.

Generally, your estimated screen time should be almost the same as your actual screen time, with a difference of 5 to 10 minutes at most. If the difference is greater, the estimate might not be accurate. Here's how to fix it:

Open Jomo, go to Profile > Settings > Screen Time > Estimated Screen Time. Tap on "Refresh today's estimation" (and "Refresh estimated time spent on excluded apps" if necessary, but not at the same time). Wait a bit and check if your estimated screen time now aligns with your actual screen time.
Make sure that the "Share Across Devices" option is disabled in your Screen Time settings; otherwise, your estimate may include data from your other devices.
If refreshing doesn't solve the issue or it takes too long to get an estimate, reconnect Jomo to Apple's Screen Time by opening this link on your iPhone/iPad. Jomo will ask you again for authorization to access screen time. Press "Continue", then "Authorize". After this, see if the estimate is accurate now. You might need to do step 1 again.
If after reconnecting and refreshing, your estimate is still incorrect, the issue might be with today's data due to the apps you used or a tracking problem. This can't be fixed right away. You'll need to wait until tomorrow to adjust your estimate manually, if accuracy is important to you. Make sure to check if the estimate works properly tomorrow.

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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