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How to set a time limit for all apps using Jomo?

Boost your focus by blocking all apps after a certain time spent on your phone. Let’s dive into how you can use Jomo to achieve this.

1. Configuring your app limit

Open Jomo.
Once inside the app, navigate to the Rules tab.
From there, proceed to Conditions.
Tap the "+" symbol then Add app limit.
After you've entered the app limit screen, you'll find a cell named "Daily use exceeds...", tap on this cell to determine and set your desired daily phone use limit.
After setting your time, you need to specify that the rule applies to all apps and websites usage. For that, tap on the "Apps" cell. From the list, make sure to select "All Apps & Categories".

2. Excluding specific apps from blocking

DO NOT UNSELECT IN JOMO. If you want to exclude some apps from the blocking, we advise you not to unselect them from the list of apps tracked by your time limit. Indeed, Apple's Screen Time can be unstable when it comes tracking all apps except a few. Follow the instructions below instead...

Add apps as "Always Allowed" in your Screen Time settings

Head over to the Settings app.
From there, navigate to Screen Time.
Select Always Allowed. Here, you can add apps that you wish to allow access to at all times, regardless of the time limit set through Jomo.
The apps you add to this list will remain accessible even after your Jomo time limit is reached!

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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