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What is Strict Mode?

If you need a little help to stick to your goals, Jomo's Strict Mode is for you!

When you enable Strict Mode on a condition or session, Jomo makes it harder to bypass app blocking.

You can decide when to activate Strict Mode. 4 modes are available:

When the rule blocks something
Until a set date in the future
Permanently ﹣enter a set password to disable strict mode for a few minutes.
Permanently ﹣enter a random code (you choose the length) to disable strict mode for a few minutes.

Then, when Strict Mode is active:

You won't be able to delete the blocking rule.
You won't be able to log out of the Jomo app or delete your account
You won't be able to uninstall any applications including Jomo
You won't be able to change your phone’s date and time

Strict Mode is only available for Jomo Plus members. You can try Jomo Plus for free and subscribe from the app.

Block the Settings app when Strict Mode is active

➡️ A video tutorial is available in this article.

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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