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How to block iPhone Settings while in strict mode?

Strict mode in a session/condition makes it harder to avoid app blocking. However, there are still a few ways to halt the blocking through your iPhone or iPad's Settings app, such as factory resetting the phone to stop Jomo blocking.

To limit access to Settings when Jomo's strict mode is on, we can help! Jomo can't natively block Settings, but we'll create an automation that sends you back to Jomo when you open Settings during strict mode. You can establish this automation with Apple's Shortcuts app.

Don't forget to block the Shortcuts app in your session/condition so you can't remove the automation when strict mode is on!

Video tutorial (iOS 16)

Video tutorial (iOS 17)

Only available on iOS 17: As the shortcut may be slower at times, we recommend adding "Lock Screen / Locked Screen", BETWEEN "Is Strict Mode Active?" and "Open Jomo". (To add the action, tap at the bottom of the screen in "Search apps and actions", then enter "Lock screen". Once added, drag and drop the action.)

"Lock the Screen" Option

Adjusting the punishment level

You can add other actions besides the redirection.

For example, you can automatically send a message to a friend or a family member if you open the Settings app while in strict mode.

You can also wrap the "Open Jomo" action within a "Repeat" block. This way, you'll continue to be redirected to Jomo for a variable delay, depending on the repeat count you set, after the initial redirection. This makes the action to open Settings more punitive.

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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