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How to block apps and keep notifications on iPhone with Jomo?

Logically, when you add a blocking session to your applications, notifications are automatically blocked. The aim is to cut you off from distractions as much as possible. This is a limitation imposed by Apple, which Jomo unfortunately can't do anything about. However, being the clever kids that we are, we've come up with a solution!

To do this, you'll need the Jomo application & the "Shortcuts" application (available for free on iPhone).

The aim is not to block your apps by default, so that you can receive notifications. However, to prevent you from falling into endless scrolling, we'll trigger a short session each time you open.

In fact, your app will be blocked. You'll need to take a "Pause" to use it. "Pause" will allow you to apply a maximum duration of use before Jomo blocks it again.

Once the short session is over, your app will automatically unblock again so you can receive notifications.

Here's how to do it:

Open Jomo > Rules > Sessions.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen, then press "My templates ".

Create a new template by pressing the grey "+" at the top right of the screen.

Name it and choose the icon of your choice

In the apps to block, choose the app you wish to block, but from which you also wish to receive notifications.

Remember to activate the breaks. Ideally, set a reasonable maximum duration (e.g. 15 minutes max).

In the "Duration " section, select "Permanent " (opposite the "Duration" heading, press the option next to the ↓).

Save your model

Now go to the "Shortcuts" application.

If you don't have "Shortcuts" installed on your iPhone, go to the App Store. The "Shortcuts" application is developed and offered by Apple.

Open "Shortcuts ", then press "New automation " (if you already have one Automations > + top right)

In the list, select "App ".

On the new screen, on the "App" line, press "Choose ", then select the same app as the one on your model.

Select "Is open ".

Select "Run automatically ".

Then press "Next ".

Press "New blank automation ".

In the input field at the bottom of the screen, type "Jomo ", then select "Start Session ".

Click on the blue "Session template " box, then from the list, choose your previously created template.

Press the small chevron in the blue circle, a menu will appear.

Press "Until Canceled " and select "Duration ". A duration will appear (30 min by default). Here, set the maximum authorized pause time + 5 minutes (if you had set 15 minutes, set 20 minutes).

Uncheck "Show When Run".

Then press "OK ".

From now on, your app will only block when you want to use it. You'll have to take a break from Jomo, but in return you'll be able to receive notifications without worry.

To delete an automation, simply slide your finger from right to left on the Shortcut card in the Automation area (just like deleting an e-mail or message).

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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