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Setup an automation to count app opens

If you want to add an "App Opens Limit" condition, you will have to add an automation in the Shortcuts app to record app opens. Don't worry, it's easy and takes only 1 minute to set up.

Open the Shortcuts app.
Go to the "Automation" tab and press "+" or "New Automation".
In the list of triggers, choose "App".
In the following screen, select all the apps for which you want to record app opens. MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE "RUN IMMEDIATELY" OPTION AT THE BOTTOM. Then tap "Next".

Select all the apps for which you want to record app opens.
Select the "Run Immediately" option.

Tap "New Blank Automation" then "Add Action", then search for "Count App Open". When the action appears in the results, tap on it.

The final step is to enter the name of your condition in the Jomo app. It can be something like "App Opens Limit" or "Mail Opens Limit". MAKE SURE TO ENTER THE EXACT SAME NAME AS IN THE JOMO APP. If you change the name later in Jomo, you will have to change it in the automation as well.

Enter the exact name of your condition in the Jomo app.

Tap "Done", then return to Jomo.
In the blocked content for this condition, make sure to select the same apps that you selected in step 4.

Reselect the apps that should be blocked after you reached your opens limit.

Tap "Schedule" to activate your app opens limit. Now, if you open the selected apps, you should see the opens count being incremented in Jomo.

If the automation doesn't work, you can delete it and restart from step 1. Additionally, feel free to contact us through the app (Profile > Messages > Chat with us); we are here to help.

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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