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[Mac App] The Jomo application has disappeared from my Mac. How can I find it?

To avoid the temptation of deleting a session, or to avoid unnecessarily overloading your Dock, we've chosen to put Jomo Mac in your Status Bar. So when you click on "x" or "-", it doesn't close Jomo completely, but simply minimizes it.

How do I reactivate Jomo Mac?

In your status bar (at the top, next to time, wifi, ...) you have a small icon of a window with a smile. This is the Jomo Mac icon.

Simply click on it to reopen the application.

How do I close Jomo Mac completely?

In the status bar, press two fingers on your mouse (or right-click) to display additional options.

Several options are available: "Open Jomo", "Get help", "About Jomo " and "Quit Jomo ".

Press "Quit Jomo", to close the app permanently.

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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