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How to cancel my Jomo Plus subscription?

It can happen... We'll be disappointed but won't hold you back against your will. Here's how to cancel your subscription (monthly and yearly, lifetime purchase is not affected and non-refundable).

Cancel through the Jomo app

On Jomo, go to "Profile"
Go to "Manage subscription"
You will be automatically redirected to the App Store (wait a few seconds), then choose "Jomo" in the subscriptions
Press "Cancel subscription", then "Confirm"

Cancel directly through the App Store

Go to the App Store, then press the profile icon
Go to "Subscriptions", then choose "Jomo" from the list
Press "Cancel subscription", then "Confirm"

Find my subscription status in Jomo

We have placed several cards in the app if you want to subscribe or re-subscribe. You will find one of them in your profile. You can also retrieve your subscription status in the settings screen.

Updated on: 18/01/2023

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