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Jomo needs you!

Hello, I'm Laureline, the co-founder of Jomo 👋

I'd like to share our vision for the future of Jomo and how we can make a difference, together.

Where we're heading...

Jomo is 100% self-financed and independently run by a two-person team (Laureline & Thomas) based in France.
Since our launch in October 2022, we’ve built one of the most powerful and comprehensive screen time tools for iPhone/iPad - several thousand active users worldwide, 4.8/5 out of 500+ reviews, top 15 apps created by women in 2023 according to Apple.
We are on a mission to build the best app to keep your screen time and focus in check, day after day, on all of your devices
…while keeping it affordable because we believe that everyone deserves to protect their time and attention.

If you are excited about our vision and want to help us maintain and improve Jomo for the many years to come, read on…

We DON’T run paid ads on social media

Sorry Mark...

When Thomas and I embarked on our journey with Jomo, we decided early on that we would not run social media ads for Jomo unless we had no other option.

Indeed, it seemed paradoxical for us to fund giants such as Instagram or Facebook to promote Jomo. After all, our app is specifically designed to help people use these platforms, which are designed to be distracting, with greater intentionality. We might not have made the same decision for another type of app, but we felt it was the right thing to do for Jomo.

This was not an easy choice. The reality is that most mobile apps (including screen time apps) rely heavily on social media ads to grow and reach new users. But our principles guide our actions.

To this day, thanks to your incredible support, we never had to publish a single ad on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

But, this decision does make spreading the word about Jomo a bit more challenging. So, if you're on board with our mission, here's how you can help.

3 SIMPLE THINGS you can do to help us

If you enjoy the app, leave us a positive WRITTEN review on the App Store. Each written review helps us tremendously in reaching more users who could benefit from Jomo.

Spread the word on your favorite platform, whether it's posting a quick story, tweeting about your experience, or simply chatting about us online.

Share Jomo with those close to you – friends, family, colleagues, or even your entire community. Consider forming a squad on Jomo, where you can share your screen time and challenge yourselves to reduce it together.

Thanks for reading this far! Feel free to come and chat with us from the app (Profile > Messages > Chat with us) or send us your ideas for improvements. We read and respond to every message. 🙂

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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